We  support export-oriented small, medium-sized and large -sized  businesses in Hungary that produce and export goods, services and know-how in their efforts to expand into new markets around the world.

  • The team will work with companies from all sectors of the economy that produce in our country. 
  • The companies supported by our team will have a profile with products and services, which will be distributed to all foreign markets. They will also receive presentations on business opportunities in foreign markets.
  • The companies supported by our team will receive and use information from all public and private registers to build comprehensive marketing information for different markets and opportunities.
  • The team will organize events and gatherings to promote company exports, public awareness of successful examples and motivation of other companies, to follow good standards and good practices.
  • The team will provide students in Hungary with internships and experience the best trade practices related to the sales of goods and services abroad.
  • The team will develop various systems and marketing materials for the promotion of the brand.
  • The team will organize trips to various trade missions abroad to promote its members’ products (goods and services).